Colour, Aroma and Taste.

Phoenix Restaurants Group

 Phoenix-Chinese Restaurants Group Website integration and redesign by FOX DESIGN

 Phoenix-Chinese Restaurants Group Website integration and redesign by FOX DESIGN

Service: Branding consultation, integration, website design & construction, System optimization
Sector: Hospitality

Context: Phoenix Restaurants Group is a Chinese restaurant group that has been operating in Australia for more than 20 years since 1999. It's known for its mouth-watering yumcha, contemporary and traditional dishes with perfect color, aroma and taste. As of 2021, it has four locations, three in Sydney, and one in Brisbane.
Each of these restaurants ran a seperate website. At beginning, it's handy as new restaurants established in different years. However issues raised during years.

Solution: The first chanllenge is building a unique, integrated company image. Brand consistency is the pattern of expression, including design, images, words, etc. All these put together are the looking of your company and affect the way people think about your company. Our job was to unite these restaurants, to put pieces together, and show customers a big image. On the other hand, each locations has their own features. When design the website, we have to take all of these into account.

Now Phoenix Restaurants Group has its all in one website. Visitors can see all the locations with details. They can navigate to any specific location pages, with their own brief, photo gallery and reservation access.

We designed and developped an online booking / reservation system. Booking system is complex but important for hospitality industry. Now we put everything in the same system, tidy and clear. Visitors can book for any Phoenix Restaurants from any specific restaurants' page. During the period of soft launch, it has been tested and proved to be reliable and effecient. The new system provides the convenience to company's customers, meanwhile helps to reduce the cost of management and system running.

To enhance the user experience, we worked on these aspects,

  • 1. Bilingual website.
  • 2. Combined static images with dynamic slides.
  • 3. Varied layout for different pages to keep visitors feel fresh.